Canine Specialists


Our Kennels

Canine Specialists is located in a beautiful, woodsy area north of Metro-Atlanta, Ga. The spacious kennel consists of large outdoor and indoor runs with shelter or shade over the outdoor runs and heating and cooling for the indoor runs. There is a large professional grooming room and a kitchen and bathroom.
The kennel is just downhill from the main house and the dogs are supervised at all times. CJ, Lisa and their staff literally live with the dogs, make sure they get plenty of exercise, and constantly interact with them.
Dog owners who use the services of Canine Specialists feel very comfortable with the environment. They often remark that in addition to being beautifully groomed and conditioned, their dogs have much better manners when they return to their home. CJ and Lisa truly love the dogs they handle and believe that a happy and well-conditioned dog is the foundation for a great show dog. 
CJ Working with a dog
Lisa Grooming 10 Year Old Eeyore
Some Outdoor Runs
Some Indoor Runs
Side Outdoor Runs